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  Your Self - My Vision





Silhouette, alluring sight of raven coarsen hair
In spirals tangled length and breadth across your shoulders bare
Veed onto your chest like tousled soft inviting fur
Travel down in wispy splendour, touching everywhere

Muscles formed immense of strength, biceps to excite
But tempered with a gentleness in forearms pure delight
Slender hands of beauty, their softness of perfection
Turning simple words in rhyme to objects of expression

Discerning eyes of midnight brown, vast intelligence within
Are windows to a beautiful soul that stills my heart therein
Rugged masculine delight, stature born of men
Your charisma draws me deeper and then deeper again

Scent of oceans indigo, and mountains cool refreshing
Permeate my personal space with heady thoughts transgressing
Taste of arousal intimate, your delectable fruit of vine
Lingers in my body like a rare and delicious wine

Your naked love awaiting in tantalizing tantric form
Forever tease my senses to a wild and untamed storm
Fill my heart and meet me in the heaven of our minds
For you the ultimate of men, complete my need sublime

Copyright 2003
Jan (Dreamweaver)

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