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  One Silky Kiss





It’s not only that, I think of you
For when I do, I see your face too
And it’s not only that, I dream of you
And want you with me, for all time too…

I look at the stars, up in the night skies
It reminds me of, the sparkle in your eyes
I look at the flowers, that blossom in spring
And think of the beauty, to my life that you bring…

And how do I tell you, about the tremendous fright
I got upon that, very fateful night
That night we went out, just you and me
That night I fell deeply, in love with thee…

For it’s not only that, this is so true
For I love you with, my whole life too
You have taken, my heart, my soul
And without you now, I just don’t feel whole…

Now what would you say, if I put it like this
That I long for, from you; just one silky kiss
Or what would you say, if I wanted so much
Just to be near you, to feel your soft touch…

Or would you hate me, if I now asked you
For one loving cuddle, a dream come so true
So when you read this, please think of me
And know just how much, I’m in love with thee

Copyright © 2003
By Mick Puttock

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