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  A Tear In The Rain





Silky soft rain fell from the sky, nights shadows all around,

And on the street, late at night, there hardly was a sound.

Breathing softly, I stood and cried, thinking of my loss,

The way you used to look at me, the hair youíd gently toss.

The gentle tunes I brought with me played softly in my ear,

The songs we used to share with love just brought another tear.

Your house I see in front of me but thereís nothing I can do,

Though every soft sweet melody just makes me think of you.


The darkness does enfold me, both inside and without,

And deep within, my soul does die, of that there is no doubt.

Teardrops in the moonlight, raindrops on my face,

Music shared stabs through my heart, itís you I canít replace.

How could you go, why did you leave, what made you go away?

Iíve asked myself these questions, like what wouldíve made you stay?

It tore me up deep down inside, the ease with which you left,

Your kiss, your touch, your whispers gone, it was an awful theft.


Whispered winds through my hair remind me of the dance,

The time and place we realized the strength of our romance.

You were the very best of me, and without you I am lost,

Iíd sacrifice to have you here, no matter what the cost.

But there I found myself alone, just standing in the dark,

The king of fools inside my head, he finds this quite a lark.

And throughout time, this moment Iíll keep, itís realized my pain,

A tear in the rain was all I had, in the dark I cried again.


By: Doug Morton

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