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  I Love You...But





I need to talk to you,

But I canít.

Iíd keep it all inside of me,

But Iím spent.

I need to show you how I feel,

But I wonít.

I know now that itís you I love,

But you donít.


I want to say it all out loud,

But I write.

I try to hide it all away,

But in sight.

I know you are the way for me,

But the cost.

I thought I could ignore my heart,

But I lost.


In real life Iím missing you,

But I dream.

I keep silent all the time,

But I scream.

Iím happy when Iím here with you,

But I cry.

I donít know now what will get me through,

But I try.


I know itís not me that you want,

But I hope.

This secret is so hard to bare,

But I cope.

Each night I feel you in my arms,

But I wake.

I pretend thereís nothing there,

But I fake.


I think itís time Iím telling you,

But Iím afraid.

I donít know if you can feel it too,

But I prayed.

This world it threatens to push me down,

But I shove

I know that honestly you may not see it,

But I love.


By: Doug Morton

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