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  The Child





The Trilogy: Part 3 of 3


The leaves of the park had changed autumns hue,

And everything around them seemed wonderful and new.

Under this canopy, they walked hand in hand,

And she was so glad that he was her man.

A chill little breeze made them snuggle so near,

Then she stood on her tiptoes and said in his ear.

There’s something about me I think you should know,

Inside me your baby is starting to grow.


He stopped in his tracks and looked at his wife,

His face was a mask, no joy and no strife.

A gleam on her cheek, in her eye was a tear,

That’s when he realized, inside her was fear.

So he gave her a hug and he looked in her eyes,

And what she saw there was quite a surprise.

An expression of love so tender and pure,

And these are the words that he whispered to her.


Our child will be blessed with a mother like you,

‘Cause no one can love quite the way that you do.

You’ve shown me tenderness unequaled by far,

It shows me how special a woman you are.

And this is the promise I’ll swear from above,

That you’ll always have these, my hands and my love,

My hands will help hold you and keep you from harm,

My heart will adore you, seduced by your charm.


I’ll want you forever, our sweet baby too,

And for the rest of my life I’ll take care of you.

So let my hand wipe those tears that you’ve cried,

And come into my arms ‘til your fears have all died.

 You know that I’ll be here ‘til all time has past,

‘Cause a love like we have will forever last.


Amazed by his words, she no longer cried,

And imagined the love that he must have inside.

Her head on his shoulder, her arms ‘round his waist,

She looked up in his eyes and her fears were erased.

She gave him a kiss full of passion and grace,

And they stood there forever, in a moments embrace.

Their three hearts were beating as one by the tree,

The boy and the girl and the unborn baby.





A few years have passed, the baby’s a child,

With red rosy cheeks she laughed and she smiled.

This cute blonde haired girl in a teddy bear shirt,

Chases frogs by the water and plays in the dirt,

The butterflies fly as she comes into sight,

And she chases their dog with all of her might.

The parents they watch their little girl play,

And their hearts will forever remember this day.


By: Doug Morton


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