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I felt your pain, you didnít know,

You tried so hard not to let it show.

I laughed with you but you werenít there,

Your happiness you wouldnít share.

I held out my hand, you stood on your own,

You said you wanted, to do it alone.

I tried so hard to do my part,

But you donít want to share your heart.


So tell me now where do I go,

Itís you I love so I donít know.

Iím lost and angry, so confused,

With all I gave Iím feeling used.

I know you didnít ask for it,

And frankly you donít give a s**t.

But tell me now what can I do,

I know Iím still in love with you


The hardest part I have to say,

Knowing you donít feel this way,

Is that thereís nothing I can do,

Iíd still give all to be with you.

Youíll always be my one desire,

The one who sets my soul on fire,

And so I hope when love finds you,

The one you love will love you too.


By: Doug Morton

Note: All poetry on this site is the exclusive property of the author. No reproduction of said poetry is allowed without the express permission of the author. The poetry may be copied or printed for personal use only so long as no profits are gained from said use and full credit is given to the author.

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