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I want to be the quiet ear, you tell your secrets to,

Iíll keep them safe and never tell, this I promise you.

Iíll be the eyes that see your pain and by your side Iíll stay,

And when you cry Iíll be the hand that wipes your tears away.

My feet Iíll plant in solid ground though peopleís views may chafe,

And when youíre scared Iíll be the arms that hold you Ďtil your safe.

My legs will never bring me down a path that leads from you,

Because my friend, my hearts desire, my love for you is true.


In my soul there is a truth I never have revealed,

A truth I fear cannot be shared and so my lips are sealed.

Within my mind I see your smile and your beauty fills my heart,

But my mouth has never told you, that IĎve loved you from the start

My tongue gets tied each time youíre near, I am silenced by your grace,

And the butterflies tie knots inside when I see your smiling face.

I know itís true, I am enslaved, Iím yours from head to toe,

Itís by your side I want to be, I just need to tell you so.


By: Doug Morton

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