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  When You See Me Look Away





Hidden from the world, inside this bitter shell,
Lies the person that I am, enduring your sweet hell.
Longing for each moment, I die Ďcause weíre apart,
And my love for you lies bleeding, dashed within my heart.
Dead I am but forced to watch as life continues on,
The hopes and dreams that I held dear, suddenly are gone.
Iím powerless to change my fate, thereís nothing I can do,
The only thing Iíll ever want is to spend my life with you.

Itís difficult when Iím near you, knowing how I feel,
And the effort that it takes to smile sometimes is unreal.
But because you mean so much to me, these hardships I endure,
Your happiness means more to me than any heartaches cure.
Iíd give up all I have for you, no price I wouldnít pay,
But I sacrifice all that I am, for you itís best this way.
So when you see me turn my head, I hope you realize,
What Iím trying to hide from you is that a part of me still dies.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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