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  The Beauty Of You





Like a child, I learn to walk again for the first time, my broken heart on infant legs,
Staggering uncontrollably each moment until I fall and once again for you my heart it begs.
My mind is filled with thoughts of you as desperately I try to forget what is real,
Such pleasure mixed with pain lies within and creates the intoxicating longing and despair that I feel.
I am scarred by desire and left bleeding to no end, all for the sake of wanting you.
Yes you, the one prize more precious than life itself, and yet you never knew,
As I myself, even now know not the extent of it. Yet such depths and heights would I scale for your love,
That no man could measure the length or breadth of it, to reach beyond the heavens above.
And all for the sake of just one smile, a glance, a sign of interest that steals my breath away,
A gentle touch or do I dare, a kiss even, bringing meaning to my life like light to the day.
Such things grant me the strength to continue on, breathing the breath of life into hope,
And giving glad purpose to the beating of my heart, so that in all I must face I may cope.
But alas your heart is nowhere to be found, in all the heights or depths, or beyond the heavens above,
And the dove set free, once free has not returned, no place of refuge found, no cradle for my love.
My mountains are brought low and the sea engulfs me in its salty waters of lost dreams,
My last breath is stolen from my lungs, the light of life has dimmed so that I am lost or so it seems.
But still I see the reflection upon the surface of the water that is you and I am drawn to it,
Like a flower in the spring that reaches for the sun, I strive towards you but I must admit,
I am desperate now, flailing, for I know my time is nearly over, I reach for you but you donít reach back,
And the final image my mind will envision is that of your beauty as slowly my world turns black.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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