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  Letting Go





While heartfelt desires were filling my mind
Your thoughts were devoid of the romantic kind
The space between us felt wide and profound
And my tentative hold on your heart was unbound

I searched your face with concern and despair
But all I could find was an emptiness there
Stunned by your need to escape from the night
Compounded my fears that for you things weren't right

Alone with my thoughts, but not shedding a tear
For reaching the crossroads, all becomes clear
When my love and desire can't sustain any more
Though it cuts like a knife, I am closing the door

I have suffered and fought for your love in the past
But feeling your distance, I know it can't last
A passionate man in my life's what I need
Someone to live for me, that is my creed

True love is all about sharing your life
Breathing your spirit, not just being your wife
My heart overflows with the joy I could give
But the face of indifference, I can never forgive


Copyright 2003
Jan (Dreamweaver)

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