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Welcome to the Poetry section

These are a few of my favorite poems, not everything I've written is here but anything missing can be found at under the alias WordPoet.

Having posted poetry on different public sites I have had the opportunity to come across some very talented authors with a passion for poetry. Below are some of these authors and their poetry. I hope you enjoy their work as much as I have.

For anyone that may be interested the authors photos can be found here.

(*** Note these poems are the sole property of the authors who wrote them and may not be used in any way without their express permission. Please see disclaimer at the bottom of each poem detailing the limitation of use or lack thereof to which you are entitled to use these poems. ***)

 * Poems are posted in the order they were donated. Newest are placed at the top.

WordPoets Poems

Donated Poems

bulletAs I Walk Down This  Lonely Street
bulletThe Other Side Of Light
bulletThe Venus Of My Heart
bulletThe Beauty Of You
bulletWhen You See Me Look Away
bulletWords Upon My Lips
bulletTears Upon My Cheek
bulletFor You
bulletWhat You Don't See
bulletIn Destiny I'll Trust
bulletSearching For Eternity
bulletGood-Bye My Love, Hello My Friend
bulletThoughts Of You
bulletLive For The Moment, Love For The Day
bulletQuestions of Love
bulletI Wonder
bulletThe Child (Trilogy 3 of 3)
bulletThe Girl (Trilogy 2 of 3)
bulletThe Boy (Trilogy 1 of 3)
bulletThe Way I Feel
bulletI Love You...But
bulletMy Dungeon
bulletTrue Love
bulletA Tear In The Rain
bulletThe Dance
bulletThe Apple Tree
bulletI Love Her, I Need Her...
bulletWhen I Woke Up
bulletAs Love Slowly Dies
bulletI Look For...
bulletThe Park
bulletThe Storm
bulletA Longing Look Good-Bye
bulletThe Dollhouse
bulletThe Train
bulletA Heart With No Boundaries


bullet Karoody - Rain
bullet Karoody - Black
bullet Karoody - Beauty
bullet Karoody - Numb
bullet Karoody - A Land Of Giants
bullet Bobotheclown - Black Flag
bullet Bobotheclown - Fading Away
bullet Bobotheclown - Tourniquet
bullet Bobotheclown - Because Your Beautiful
bullet Mick Puttock - One Silky Kiss
bullet Mick Puttock - The Greatest Of Our Sins
bullet Mick Puttock - Today
bullet Mick Puttock - I Like
bullet Mick Puttock - Nature Heals
bullet Rakerman1999 - Like A Butterfly
bullet Rakerman1999 - Princess Lonesome
bullet Rakerman1999 - Sometimes I Prefer The Lies
bullet Rakerman1999 - I Miss You Most
bullet Rakerman1999 - A Soul Held Captive
bullet Lia - The Heart Beats On
bullet Lia - Above All Else
bullet Lia - Regretted Fate
bullet Lia - Mary
bullet Lia - And The Dead Shall Live
bullet Carla McCoy (OreO) - My Grave
bullet Carla McCoy (OreO) - My Passion
bullet Carla McCoy (OreO) - Devil's Red Playground
bullet mckayla- You
bullet mckayla- Soul Within Sin
bullet mckayla- The Unknown
bullet Jan (DreamWeaver) - Your Self - My Vision
bullet Jan (DreamWeaver) - Your Earth
bullet Jan (DreamWeaver) - My Love is For a Man
bullet Jan (DreamWeaver) - Letting Go
bullet J. Kalicharan - Most Prized Possession
bullet J. Kalicharan - A Whole New World
bullet J. Kalicharan - If Tomorrow Never Comes...
bullet J. Kalicharan - From Opposite Ends
bullet J. Kalicharan - The Empty Picture Frame
bullet C. Lowman - My Wings
bullet C. Lowman - Loving Tender Moments
bullet C. Lowman - Angels Wings
bullet Lia - Destined Teardrop

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