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  Fading Away





The blood pours down my arms
With reckless abandon (forming a pool
around my feet) I crash to my knees
My arms held out in front
Like Jesus showing his wounds
To his disciples, my cause is my own
Even though the 'strong' man has fallen
Inside I'm weak and pitiful

My eyes stare forward like there's something there
Something that can heal my pain
Something that can stop the bleeding,
But there's no one, just me, alone
I can't even help myself

The blood is thicker now
I stare at it stupidly
Panic far from me, Bliss overtaking my thoughts
This famine of joy
Eats away at my shattered soul
Distressed, distraught, disillusioned
Life hanging by a thread
I walk around numb, unfeeling,
But inside the agony eats away at me
Like cancer tearing at my body

I'm fading away,
I'm fading away
I moan a barely audible cry for help
Forgetting no one can hear,
No one will come to my aid
Forgetting... no one gives a *****
Can't distinguish the blood
From the tears anymore
I shake my head to clear the cobwebs,
But they remain
My arms are red and angry
I cut to deep, went to far
I won't have to worry about the scars

Soon I will be forgotten
A fading picture in your memory book
Your memory book of lies
I will be the blot
And I'll be forgotten
The only mar in your happy little lives
Already in your memory I can see
I'm beginning to fade...

Copyright 2003
Bobotheclown (Joel)

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Note: No unauthorized reproduction of this poem unless specified by the author if you fail to obey this warning you will be eaten by thousands of clowns.

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