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I'm weeping on the floor
Abused and broken to my very core
I hear the same taunting voices
'Cut, burn, and tear' I shake my head, weakly

I'm staring off into nowhere
Because I've realized I no longer care
I'm like a dead leaf, about to fall,
But I can't just give in and be torn apart by death's decay

I die a little more each day
My mouth can't form the words I want to say
I see myself, in the distance, lying in a suicidal heap
I scream, rent my clothes because its to painful to watch

I've thought about a lot of things
Failed to fly away on these broken wings
I am like a desert, dry and thirsty
There is no hope here only desolation and weariness

I rub a hand over my saddened face
Trying to erase my tears and my look of disgrace
I try to lock in my aching heart,
But all I see is the razor and the scars it leaves

My face is bruised and streaked with dirt
To stop the blood I make a knot with this old shirt
Its stained with dried blood... Life is so hard
I put my head in my hands... Unable to stop
My shoulders start to heave and tears fall aching to the ground

Copyright 2003
Bobotheclown (Joel)

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Note: No unauthorized reproduction of this poem unless specified by the author if you fail to obey this warning you will be eaten by thousands of clowns.

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