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  Because Your Beautiful





I get up shroud myself in my black cloak
Eyes leaden and tired like I just awoke
Go off to school for another hard day.
Paste a smile on my broken face
Memorize the words I am to say

You awake to lands touched by fog and mist
While I sleep in lands that are snow kissed
Your hand softly touches the window pane
Your heart aches, a lonely tear starts to fall
As the screaming slowly drives you insane

Your beautiful face broken by the tears
Sparked by the ugly words that fuel the fires of your fears
You cover yourself in a suit of black
'Secure, uncaring, unfeeling' Oh god if only the knew!
You wear it to deflect their flak

Your hurting and broken inside
For so long you've silently cried
The complexity of life takes its toll
Broken, as the wind howls in rage
I wish I could hold you, heal your broken soul

Your once beautiful nature, turns to ugly, dark walls
You've tried to scale them only to fall like broken rag dolls,
But your spirit is fierce it refuses to be dismayed
Lift up your head you dont have to feel this way
Even though you've been waylaid and your senses frayed

I? I try to be strong, but inside I'm weak
I dont know what I search for and seek
You? you never cease to put a smile on my face
The loneliness, depression you always erase
Because of this your worth my time and more

Soon baby the music will change
You will be able to bathe in the sun
Smile and laugh, because your beautiful
And we'll smile and cry all three of us
You, myself, and Emily

Copyright 2003
Bobotheclown (Joel)

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Note: No unauthorized reproduction of this poem unless specified by the author if you fail to obey this warning you will be eaten by thousands of clowns.

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