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  Good-Bye My Love, Hello My Friend





My words revealed, I was laid bare; the line is crossed by one,

As my secrets mask and chains of doubt were suddenly undone.

My heart took hold where all else failed and honesty shone through,

 The forbidden walls had now been scaled; there was nothing left to do.

Confessions made, my heartbeat quickened and I anxiously drew breath,

As my souls desire weighed my pleas; for my dreams, was life or death.

I took one long and desperate look into her deep brown eyes,

And the feelings of the one I love, they could not be disguised.


What the mirrors of her soul revealed just did not seem to fit,

For the words I heard said otherwise, and I pondered this a bit.

If both were true but not the same, then somethingís left unsaid,

For this prisoner of loves harsh game, this hope will be my bread.

Through parted lips I heard deaths toll, Iím wanted as a friend,

But pools of brown revealed to me, this may not be the end.

Yet words dictate the course to take and by them I will stand,

My broken heart may yet be whole but not as I had planned.


The king of fools sits by my side, he warned me of my plight,

And his jester sings a bitter tune from somewhere out of sight.

It seems one dragon yet remains, the harshest of them all,

And blocks my path to destiny, when will my swords edge fall?

My quest begins, your heart the grail that heals the wounded land,

Past the dragon, some time alone and then before you I will stand.

But for now I say these words to you, if this is what must be,

Goodbye my love, hello my friend, Iíll love you endlessly.

By: Doug Morton

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