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  Thoughts Of You





Velvet locks of beauty and eyes of deepest brown,

I live for every smile you share and die at just one frown.

Youíve become my gravity, a pull I canít resist,

But how am I to plot my course, your feelings are like mist.

Now cupidís fallen to the side, his bow has lost itís mark,

For as long as I say naught, youíre a target in the dark.

But deep inside a fear remains, my voice is held in chains,

A touch from you could be the key, a word could ease my pains.


 I long to hold you in my arms and tell you how I feel,

Then whisper softly in your ear, my soul I would reveal.

And with my lips Iíd touch your neck, soft passion in each kiss,

Youíre a gentle soul of beauty that promises sweet bliss.

But doubt remains, an evil foe, destroyer of us all,

He holds me on the precipice just daring me to fall.

The king of fools is at his side, heís laughing in my face,

So I lose myself in thoughts of you and dream of your embrace.


By: Doug Morton

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