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  Live For The Moment, Love For The Day





Bitter are the mornings when I see you walk away,

And I know that I wonít see you for at least another day.

The afternoonís spent dreaming, youíre a vision in my mind,

I truly am your captive, itís my heart and soul you bind.

Evenings are a lonely place, Iím lost without you there,

So I try to think of some sweet way to show you that I care.

Soon the night has fallen and Iím anxious for the dawn,

When Iíll see you walk towards me, my angel come and gone.


Each day of bliss and torture has set a course for me,

I long for you to know the truth and tell me what you see.

Will your sun shine on my face or leave me in the dark,

For even in the darkest night your stars have left their mark.

So there I stand, I wait for you and wish that you would stay,

But the day has come, the curtainís drawn, itís time to start the play,

ĎWhat light through yonder window breaksí is how my day will start,

My Juliet, that brings the dawn, itís time to play your part.


By: Doug Morton

Note: All poetry on this site is the exclusive property of the author. No reproduction of said poetry is allowed without the express permission of the author. The poetry may be copied or printed for personal use only so long as no profits are gained from said use and full credit is given to the author.

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