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  The Girl





The Trilogy: Part 2 of 3


She ran through the grass, the dew on her feet,

It did not annoy her, she thought it was neat.

A puppy dog chased her as she screamed in delight,

And her teddy bear T-shirt was no longer white.

With a puff of her breath the dandelions flew,

Then she laughed and she giggled and her dad smiled too.

The love of her father could be seen in her eyes,

But her mom she will miss no matter how hard he tries.


The doctor had looked at the mother and said,

What he found would disturb her, and soon she’d be dead.

She had cancer inside that would eat her alive,

If she didn’t get surgery to help her survive.

With this on her mind, she prepared to drive home,

And the thoughts that she had, they started to roam.

The tears in her eyes hid the car by the side,

Her seatbelt was off and that’s when she died.


A year has gone by since this tragic event,

And the tears that they cried are almost all spent.

The memories they have, will always live on,

And they know in their heart to heaven she’s gone.

The little girls smile reminds him of her,

As she dances and plays in her own little world.

So he looks out the window and watches it all,

The little girls joy and the puppy so small.


The sun starts to shine as the dew disappears,

And here comes the puppy with those big floppy ears.

She’s chasing him now as he runs with a bone,

And her father admires the way that she’s grown.

She sits on the ground and the puppy comes near,

Gently she scratches in behind the dogs ear.

She looks lost in thought as she sits on the ground,

And he knows it’s her mother she’s wanting around.


By: Doug Morton

Note: All poetry on this site is the exclusive property of the author. No reproduction of said poetry is allowed without the express permission of the author. The poetry may be copied or printed for personal use only so long as no profits are gained from said use and full credit is given to the author.

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