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  The Boy





The Trilogy: Part 1 of 3


A boy by the brook chased a frog in delight,

And laughed as he ran ‘til it jumped out of sight.

All dimples and freckles and brown curly hair,

He frolicked and played in the sun without care.

The toes of his feet, they squished in the mud,

And the rock that he threw landed square with a thud.

The sun on his face made a bright shiny day,

But life for this boy wasn’t always this way.


His mother they said was never around,

The drugs and the booze kept her out on the town.

The father he had, was gone at age two,

From robbery to morgue was all that they knew.

No food in his stomach, no bed in the house,

Social aid found him in an old dirty blouse.

They took him away, there was never a fight,

As people who cared tried to do what was right.


A young couple came by to take him one day,

Back to their home in their lives he would stay.

The care that he missed in the years that had passed,

Would soon be replaced by a love that was vast.

No moment too small would ever be missed,

As they held him and hugged him and lovingly kissed.

And as the boy grew, he was never alone,

Because of the love his new parents had shown.


So now by the water, soft wind in his hair,

Up on the hill his mother would stare,

Watching to see that her boy was alright,

As butterflies ran when he came into sight.

The frogs that he chased they still got away,

But he knew if he tried he would catch them one day.

And all of the dreams that danced in his mind,

Will one day unfold ‘cause someone was kind.


By: Doug Morton

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