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  The Way I Feel





A burgeoning love in heartaches abode,

Has trapped me within its emotional hold.

Loveís secret I keep, no end is in sight,

Though I long for you constantly, each day and night.

Inside me my reason and desires do war,

But itís the look in your eyes that Iím searching for.

So show me the way that leads to your heart,

Then let me come in and make a new start.


I promise to love you forever, and then,

Iíll promise to love you forever again.

My heart beats for you, though no one can say,

What keeps my heart beating once youíve gone away.

You cause me an ache so bitter and sweet,

And I long to be with you each time that we meet.

Now this is the way that I feel with you,

And I wouldnít lie, every word of itís true.


So when you see me take a look in my eyes,

The love you see there should be no surprise.

And so long as you need me IĎll be there for you,

To do anything that you want me to do.

Thereís no need to ask, Iíll never say no,

For me itís way that I let my love show.

So now at the end I just want to say,

That you mean so much more to me each passing day.


By: Doug Morton

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