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  Devil's Red Playground





I relived tonight just like old times
Locked all my doors, and closed my blinds
My phone unplugged, my windows all locked
I sat for a while, and myself i rocked

My mind went through old dreams i've had
A poisoned girl that you made sad
I stared in the mirror a while at me
And all i could see was your words "ugly"

Cocaine poured on my mirror cold
Made fine with my razor then lined in rows
A straw from my cup cut partly in half
My nose in a playground that made me laugh

It made me want more, it made me paranoid
But i had to find a way to fill this void
It related with me and how i feel about you
It was hard to put down, hard not to do

Mirror all clean and my sleeves pulled up
I took that razor to see my blood
I ached to feel just one thing inside
The lines of my pain have your name outlined

I twirled my long hair through my fingers red
I rubbed my neck, and wished on death
I saw your face as i closed my eyes
I stopped laughing when you said "Just go die"

My tears dripped down my bloody wrists
My body shook as i made a fist
I punched my leg and i pulled my hair
I had nothing to lose, you didnt care

I tasted my blood and my eyes opened slow
I wanted to love you, but you had to go
I'm just another line in your huge chalkboard
Of women you had, but then ended up bored

Each time i hurt from your words of hate
I cut some more for your small mistakes
If you had trusted in my warm soul
I'd have led you to beautiful places untold

Now that i've relived this pain tonight
It wasn't my time, to pass on and die
I had some visions of you and me
Now go with her, and smile and be free

I've played in this playground at times before
The devil he took my heart and tore
He swings me forward then pulls me around
And welcomes me to his red playground

Copyright 2003
Carla McCoy (OreO)

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