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  My Passion





I touch your lips and feel each line
As i hypnotize you and make you mine
My eyes undress your pain that flows
I'll make you mine, shh nobody knows

Don't move a muscle or breath a sound
Or in my pool of blue tears you'll drown
Just feel my hot breath on your tongue
And know that true love yes i have won

Let me hear the moan of your soul
So time can freeze as our passion unfolds
My body is covered with your warm chest
Oh kiss me now and you i will undress

I feel your chest move in and out
From breathing passions oh so loud
It makes me weak, i bite my bottom lip
It's your passion my sweet...i want to sip

Sweat drips from my trembling breasts
As your fingertips on me caress
You pull me to your body tight
And make love to me all through the night

Pull my head back and pull my hair
Don't leave out nothing.. not anywhere
Press into me and moan my name
For passion in me will never be tame...

Copyright 2003
Carla McCoy (OreO)

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