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  My Grave





When i'm buried and in my grave
And time has stood still for all that i gave
In a casket underneath, without a sound
Don't be scared for me, i'm heaven bound

The smell of my hair, the feel of my skin
It will still be yours, even after the end
My arms crossed over my tummy to stay
You have my heart, Right where i lay

Your smell will linger in my casket that day
Your taste on my lips, forever to stay
You'll know when you stand before my grave
That i want you happy, on earth to stay

If ocean is how my dust is spread out
When i see you there, i'll lurk about
I'll let you decide how my soul should be
Whether underground, or in the ocean free

No tears for me babe, don't cry for my soul
I kept all your secrets, they will never be told
I'll let you see me once in your dreams
To come kiss your lips, to come set you free

Smiles after death, on your face i want to see
Laughter and screams, i will hear when your weak
Drops of rain i will pour upon your skin
When you dance outside, like we did back then

I won't keep you bound in pain and sorrow
I'll want you to move on, have a bright tomorrow
Another man's lips mine will never feel
Not even in Heaven, Your lips mine did seal

Your love inside me will forever flow
And i hope after my death, that you know
My words i have given softly to you
Don't shut the world out, just smile and be you

Passion of true love we will always keep
Even if you find another, i will know you love me
I want you to live, show the world your love
I'll help you from up high, i'll give you a shove

We've sealed our love with true loves kiss
Leave you never, i promised you this
When you feel lonely, just close your eyes
I'll be right their, in your heart, no lies..

I will not ask you to do anything for me
I wouldn't leave that burden on your soul, you see
Just be who you are, nothing more, nothing less
I don't want you living in this world, a mess

Copyright 2003
Carla McCoy (OreO)

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