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  Princess Lonesome





Princess Lonesome lives inside a castle on a hill .
The rooms are damp and dreary, they leave you with a chill.
The windows all have cobwebs and there never is fresh air.
She dances through the halls as if she didnt have a care.

She decided long ago that love was not for her,
Too many things can go wrong and you just can't be sure ,
About the safety of your heart , so love she cast aside,
Along with memories of broken dreams and all the tears she cried.

Her money was her solace, and her status her best friend.
Too scared to risk a lover or her self made hell might end.
She spent her time pretending that her happiness was real.
She remembered how to smile, but had forgotten how to feel.

The years of living all alone without a soul who cared,
The long nights spent in solitude, the fears she never shared,
All took their toll on her poor mind 'till all hope slipped away,
And she locked herself behind those doors and stays there yet today.

Princess Lonesome gained her peace but lost her only chance,
To have someone to love her, and know the sweetness of romance,
So dance inside your hallways in your castle on that hill,
You never saw my love for you , and now you never will.

Copyright 2003
By Rakerman1999

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