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  Sometimes I Prefer The Lies





Keep that smile, don't let it fade,
Just lie there in that bed you made,
And try to think of happy things,
Like children's voices when they sing,
Just payment for the way you live,
You have so damn much love to give,
It hurts to keep it all inside,
But ever time that you have tried,
To share your heart it goes astray
And tries to take your smile away.

Oh stop it tears, my oldest friends.
You always show up when it ends.
When bitter truth to you reveals,
You are the only one who feels,
This longing for a real love,
And when push finally comes to shove,
You see that you were just a fool.
A lesson learned in hard knocks school.
You'd think you would have learned by now,
You want to change but don't know how.

You had to get it off your chest,
And thought that it was for the best,
But now you find that you were wrong,
The feelings that you hid so long,
Were only barren empty dreams,
Just silly, stupid hopes it seems.
That left you with nasty taste,
And now your heart is laid to waste.
You understand the words she said,
But deep inside you just feel dead.

So gather up those shattered pieces,
As your soul cries and releases,
All the pain you feel within,
And as the tears fall from your chin.
Pick up your heart from off the floor,
You've been down this road before,
Just take a breath and keep your smile,
The hurt will leave you in a while.
The truth is good I realize,
But sometimes I prefer the lies.


Copyright 2003
By Rakerman1999

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