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  I Miss You Most





When we were young together, and love was all so new,
You couldn't do enough for me, a heart that beat so true.
Our time was spent in laughter, and dances in moonlight.
I never knew that anything could ever feel so right.

But the passing years of hardships, that come to all in time,
Cooled the fire in your heart that had been one with mine.
And now my faded lover , it seems like we have died,
And I miss you most my darling, when I am by your side.

The passion that you had for me has turned as cold as stone,
And I can tell that when I'm near you'd rather be alone.
Being with you hurts so much ,I can't help the tears I've cried,
Because I miss you most my darling, when I am by your side.


Copyright 2003
By Rakerman1999

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