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  My Wings





I know your heart must be aching,
for I know this kind of pain,
My life that God is taking,
Lives in Heaven to remain,

Etched in my soul will be your tears,
as I take this journey to the Other Side,
I will watch you close, till you are here,
Being your angel guide,

You helped me to receive my wings,
By the love you gave me,
There's much beauty, that my new life brings,
I just wish you could see,

Think how lucky I am to see this place,
More beautiful than in your mind,
I know your sad not seeing my face,
but you'll find peace in time,

Remember the love I gave you,
And your heart will soon be able to see,
the splendor of my journey through,
So please don't cry for me,

There will be a time we will meet again,
and I'll be waiting near,
I will be greeting you in the end,
So please wipe away that tear,

Please smile when you think of me,
for I will be your angel guide,
my wings you will never see,
but they are always by your side,

I will leave you feathers to find,
that my angel wings can spare,
To ease your sorrow from your mind,
Letting you know I was there!

Copyright 2003
By Christina Lowman

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