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  Loving Tender Moments





Our loving tender moments we share,
when our bodies caress,
and the secret passions we so bare,
in our warmth of tenderness,
Your soft lips that embrace with mine,
lasting through the night,
a passion of love that's truly divine,
when we hold each other tight,
Our bodies touching in a loving heat,
a touch we can only share,
in a moment of ecstasy, when our lips meet,
kissing my neck with loving care,
the beating of our hearts rhyme,
pounding as we make love,
a passion that stands the test of time,
a feeling we are sure of,
Tender moments from us two,
you laying there loving me,
Loving the passion I get from you,
embracing with such ecstasy,
Only few people share a love like ours,
the love of pure passion,
A marriage sent from the stars,
an embracing compassion,
Through the years the passions strong,
every night were together,
caressing in the love we so long,
a tender moment that last forever!

Copyright 2003
By Christina Lowman

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