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  Angels Wings





Have you ever found a feather and swept it away?
Not knowing where it came from,
Well I did that the other day,
We don't have birds or anything with down,
this feather just appeared,
and it fluttered to the ground,
Lately I've been finding them every where,
wondering how and why these feathers appear,
As I drifted to sleep I kept thinking of everything,
While in my dream, I saw an angels wing,
When I awoke and sat in bed,
There was another by my head,
My theory is this, my mother visited me,
Leaving a trace behind so I could see,
Her wings left a feather behind,
So I keep all the feathers I find,
These simple feathers I believe,
Are traces that my mother leaves,
she wants me to know that she's still around,
leaving traces from her wings on the ground,
We both loved angels, so this is some sign,
feathers from her wings she left behind!
So if you see a feather, try and remember this one thing,
An angel who cares about you, left a feather from there wing.

Copyright 2003
By Christina Lowman

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