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  Your Earth





Silently I weep with the loneliness of a soul
left on your distant shore,
Watching the horizon of your mind as it
beckons to me tauntingly,
Knowing I will never reach the ends of your earth
waiting in the distance.
The beauty of your ocean is vast and deep
but deadly in its complexity,
As your sun beats down with warmth and
lulls me to a deceptive slumber.
Rainforests of love become jungles
of twisted torment,
And dark clouds hang in your skies of
grey, reminding me

of her .

Sweet fruit, delectable and inviting, grows
within your forest.
Words as soft as cottonwool wrap me in their
green fields.
Your heavens open with cooling rain to touch
my body,
Soothing and washing over me, asking for
Not for a sin, not for being the man that
you are
But for offering only your earth, and not
your universe,
As I stand on your shore and you see
the loneliness

of me .

Copyright 2003
Jan (Dreamweaver)

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