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  The Other Side Of Light





On the other side of light lies a darkness deep within,
The empty void of unconcern is where it all begins.
No conscience or morality can touch this empty place,
The only thing affecting it, is the beauty of your face.
Thereís anger and desire inside, such a shallow empty dish,
In vain they try to fill the void but cannot grant my wish.
When the hunger fills me with its call, I canít resist its pull,
And where itís bound to lead me is something I donít know.

On the other side of light, my enemy waits for me,
But Iím the enemy of myself as strange as that may be.
I leave myself in tatters once the battle has been fought,
I kill my dreams that I may win and all has been for naught.
Purposefully, I sink my ship and drown in my own tears,
Just so I wonít slip away, with no conscience and no fears.
Within me mercy canít be given, thereís no end that I can see,
To win this fight I need to lose the part of me thatís me.

On the other side of light, even death does not cause fear,
No peace from peace, no calm from calm, no gentle falling tear.
The shell thatís placed on top of this, disguises what I feel,
And nothing that surrounds me ever feels as though itís real.
But because of you there is a way this battle can be won,
Until this time I did not know just how this could be done.
To lose the part of me thatís me I must give myself away,
Itís in your arms that my peace lies and there I want to stay.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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