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  The Venus Of My Heart





My lifeís about the journey and striving for a goal,
Without this perfect purpose I donít know where Iíd go.
The target canít be chosen, itís often predefined,
And once youíve found perfection, itís always on your mind.
So I canít deny my passion, my longing or desire,
Or deny my feelings for the one who sets my soul on fire.
Escape is not an option, Iím captured for all time,
As I try in vain to tell the tale through the longing of my rhyme.

This poem's my confession about my one true love,
Itís as though she has been sent to me from somewhere up above.
Her features are so beautiful, a vision to behold,
To describe her would take volumes and never can be told,
An angel without wings, soft features full of grace,
The Venus of my heart, I know I canít replace,
So I hope you understand that itís you Iím living for,
You are the meaning of my soul, thereís no one I love more.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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