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  True Love





True love to some does not exist, ‘tis but a fabled curse,

They do not understand the truth and nothing can be worse.

For therein lies the power that unlocks a hardened heart,

When love’s set free from the soul to find a brand new start.

It searches for a purpose, a container for its soul,

And once it finds the one it needs, desire starts to flow.

But its purpose is not selfish, its desire is unique,

It does not claim a single thing, but instead is rather meek.


Now herein lies the secret of true love and what it means,

In hopes that you will understand the emotions it convenes.

It does not seek fulfillment, nor promise or reward,

But the happiness of another is often underscored.

At times this means you’ll have to face some sadness and despair,

It’s worth it though to spare some pain from the one of whom you care.

But in the end you’ll find that if you give your love this way,

You’ll find the secret true love holds, there’s nothing more to say.


By: Doug Morton

(Originally Not Posted, This was a message base reply.)

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