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I like holding your hand, and walking along the beach
And I will listen to every word, that you will ever speak
I like to cuddle up to you, especially near a fire
On those cool moon lit nights, you are all my heart desires

I like our conversations, always keeping us in touch
And it lets me also tell you, how I love you ever so much
I like to keep you near, never far from my reach
Just so you know I love you, without the need for speech

I like the way you smile, bringing me much warmth and joy
The way your face lights up, would win the heart of every boy
I like the sweetness in your voice, my angel down from heaven
And when you speak I’m sure I hear, the harps of angels even

I like your eyes and how they sparkle, like diamonds in the sky
But then you know you are my star, the only for mine eyes
I like the way you do whisper, sweet ‘nothings’ in my ear
For these I could listen to, for an ‘eternity’ in every year

I like the softness of your skin, like the finest silk ever known
The soft and gentle way you touch, tells of the love that’s showing
I like the way your hair it blows, up softly in the breeze
And when I see it gently ripple, it brings me to my knees

I like all of your beauty, from both within and without
This is what makes you special, of this I have no doubt
I like how sensitive your hands, and your fingers oh so fine
Each and every time you touch, sends tingles down my spine

I like it when you say, those words… I long to hear
The sweetness of ‘I love you’, as I hold you ever so near
I like the way you walk, it just sends me now quite wild
The lovely little step you have, it certainly brings a smile

I like every little thing you do, for you do them… all so well
And it is probably for this reason, I think you are “so swell”
I even like your toes, yes, I’ve gone too far I know
But those cutest little digits, I love them all… also

And so you see my love, just how much I love you
And all the love that I have within, will always for you… be true

Copyright © 2003
By Mick Puttock

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