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Today we are on the beach,
Walking hand in hand.
Our bare feet as we do move,
Leaving footprints in the sand.

As the waves roll to their end,
Making their lovely sound.
Reminding me of the love,
Together we have found.

Today we are together,
Only you and me.
Living in our cottage,
Down beside the sea.

The birds are merrily singing,
While nesting in the trees.
And our floral garden,
Buzzing with honey bees.

Today we are so happy,
For the love that is so true.
Feelings and emotions,
Flowing between us two.

No need for the spoken words,
A link that is so fine.
One that I'm sure will last,
Through the end of time.

Today in a faraway place,
That no-one else can see.
I give to you all my love,
And you give yours to me.

Nothing can ever stop this now,
Not even time it seems.
Then as the alarm bells chime,
And I awaken from my dream...

Copyright, Mick, 24th May 2000

By Mick Puttock

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