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  The Greatest Of Our Sins





As you look into a new child’s, bright and clear eyes
You see through to their soul... purity, love, lies
The complete love and trust that lies there within
To lose it as we grow, must be the GREATEST of our sins...

And isn’t it so beautiful, seeing the children of ours
Out in the playground, just playing there for hours
Friendships so innocent, nothing to go wrong
The love unconditional, and still going so strong...

But then we do grow up, through the pain and stress
We’re hurt by emotions... friends... lovers, we lose what is best
The trust that we then had, that no one could burn
Has now gone forever, oh so why didn’t we all learn...

Wouldn’t it be good, if we could all just retain
What we once had in youth, and live with love, trust, harmony...and no pain...


Copyright © 2003
By Mick Puttock

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