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I saw a pussycat down by the stream,

He was chasing the fish or so it did seem,

He jumped from the shore to a rock in grand style,

 Then he stared at the water and waited a while.


I saw a pussycat up by the herd,

He was tucked in the grass, just watching a bird,

He tucked in his legs and got ready to spring,

But the bird flew away, he didnít get anything.


I saw a pussycat up on the well,

He walked on the ledge but he never fell,

He jumped past the post, to the other side and then,

He jumped to the ground and ran away again.


I saw a pussycat as pretty as pie,

He had soft shiny fur and baby blue eyes,

Heís sits here beside to watch while I eat,

Just waiting for me to give him a treat.


By: Doug Morton

Note: All poetry on this site is the exclusive property of the author. No reproduction of said poetry is allowed without the express permission of the author. The poetry may be copied or printed for personal use only so long as no profits are gained from said use and full credit is given to the author.

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