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  Tears On My Cheek





The recess bell sounded, it was time to play,
For a curly haired boy on this special day.
He stood there a while, not sure what to do,
With an overcast sky, and a chill wind too.
This brown eyed boy, certainly no sage,
Was not very old, just nine years of age.
He took a deep breath, his courage it grew,
The feelings he felt were something quite new.

He walked up to a girl with a secret to share,
And said that he loved her friend with blonde hair.
She said not a word but went right to her friend,
They talked for a bit and he thought that’s the end.
But then they came over and stood by the boy,
The friend said repeat, the blonde girl so coy.
The seconds they stopped and time held its breath,
For the shy little boy this was more painful than death.

Slowly he looked at the young blonde haired girl,
Gathered all of his courage and gave it a whirl.
“I love you”, he said as he looked in her eyes,
The next thing that happened was quite a surprise.
The two girls looked at each other and then,
Started to laugh and walked away with a grin.
The tears on his face ran down his soft cheek,
But he didn’t make a noise or try vainly to speak.

The first love’s the hardest or that’s what they say,
But twenty-three years later I feel the same way.
From that day until now I never did share,
My feeling for someone the way I did there.
No one was worth it or at least so I thought,
But you came along, the one that I sought.
I wrote it all down, I had too much to say,
I couldn’t believe you made me feel this way.

Now many years later, my heart on my sleeve,
I gave you my words, preparing to grieve.
With all of my courage I sent it to you,
Wondering just what you were going to do.
I went to your house to discuss what I said,
And the way that you greeted me told me instead.
So now on my cheeks my teardrops run down,
As I try not to speak or utter a sound.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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