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  The Apple Tree





Beneath the sky both white and blue,

A child sees the world as new.

A tree becomes his main affair,

Climbing up it, wind in hair.

A gentle man both wise and gray,

Has come to see this boy today.

He takes a seat upon the ground,

Back on tree, he settles down.


He watches now the child at play,

And remembers back to another day.

His hair was somewhat darker then,

On a summers day, way back when.

By this tree a young girl did fall,

He did not hesitate, not at all.

Down the tree to her side he ran,

And this is how their love began.


As time went by their love did grow,

And on one knee his love would show.

Heart in hand he made his plea,

As down he went onto one knee.

They soon were married outside the church,

Just down the hill below the birch.

And all who knew them could truly say,

That they were happiest on that day.


Into their lives there came another,

And they became a father and mother.

A little boy to warm their hearts,

As dad played ball and mom baked tarts.

Riding bike was a special chore,

And they looked forward to many more.

But time flew by inside their home,

And the child they had, so quickly grown.


Twenty times the seasons came,

The fall and winter, soft spring rains.

The child they had is older now,

He’s taken a wife and given his vow.

And in their home they’re all alone,

True love to share has only grown.

They look into each other’s eyes,

Bound by love they realize.


Then it happened one sad day,

That death came by and took her away.

And on that day as he sat and cried,

With life alone, inside he died.

A hardship no one should endure,

To lose a love so deep and pure.

His heart was torn in this lonely place,

Until he saw his grandson’s face.


He beckons now with wrinkled hand,

The same still holds a golden band.

His memories of yesterday,

Are put to rest by a child at play.

An apple sits there by his knee,

Bringing back sweet memories,

Of a little girl on a summers day,

And the little boy’s heart she stole away.



By: Doug Morton

Note: All poetry on this site is the exclusive property of the author. No reproduction of said poetry is allowed without the express permission of the author. The poetry may be copied or printed for personal use only so long as no profits are gained from said use and full credit is given to the author.

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