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  The Dance





At the dance the lights were low,

The music was loud, both fast and slow.

I was looking around when I saw you there,

My dark haired goddess, my lady fair.


The drinks you served upon that day,

Helped peopleís thirst to go away.

But for me they would not do,

When our eyes met you felt it too.


Across the counter you did fly,

And my spirits reached the sky.

Letís dance you said, just me and you,

You seemed to know just what to do.


Our bodies locked, our hearts as one,

I knew my life had just begun.

You felt so good there in my arms,

I was helpless to your charms.


You ran your fingers through my hair,

And gave me love just with your stare.

Your arms they pulled me close to you,

This kind of love I never knew.


I fell in love with you that day,

That kind of love wonít go away.

And every time I close my eyes,

I see your face and my heart sighs.


The dance we shared still lives on,

My love for you it is not gone.

Even though youíre not with me,

Iíll keep youíre love in memory.


By: Doug Morton

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