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  In Destiny I'll Trust





Throughout all time and eternity, for me thereís only you,
My love will hold no secrets and always will be true.
It wonít demand a sacrifice or commitment on your part,
But thoughts of you stay with me and rest within my heart.
A force upon my soul, you move me when youíre near,
You fill my life with purpose; I wish that you were here.
I long to touch your face, my fingers gently on your cheek,
Then put my arms around you and hold you when youíre weak.

If God would grant me just one wish I know what it would be,
Iíd ask to be the man you love; nothing else will set me free.
I live for your sweet smile, and thirst to hear your voice,
Iíd be any man you want, if it would mean that Iím your choice.
Iím a proud and noble spirit but Iím begging at your feet,
ĎCause passions fire burns in my soul and sears me with its heat.
So I hope that youíll forgive me if I donít give up on us,
Youíre the one thing that I live for, in destiny Iíll trust.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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