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  What You Don't See





Broken and scattered were the pieces of my heart,
Itís beating rhythm halted, itís was torn all apart.
Wounded to the core my soul began to weep,
And I prayed for endless silence within eternal sleep.
But patiently you pulled me from this darkness thatís within,
And showed me lifeís not over, your spirit entered in.
With love you did not know you gave, my hope slowly returned,
And dried up all the tears of doubt because you were concerned.

I am the one who caused me pain, though I laid it at your feet,
Still you took it all in graceful style, so gentle and discreet.
You helped me realize the truth I should have seen before,
And in friendship gave me what I need to open a new door.
In awe I am of all you do and the choices that you make,
Like a precious jewel seldom seen, impossible to fake.
So let me share what you donít see, this truth I will impart,
You are the most amazing friend and always in my heart.

Copyright © 2003
By Doug Morton

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