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  The Empty Picture Frame





I have this little picture frame,
That's as precious as can be,
That little frame was originally bought
For someone very special to me.

Now, whenever I look at this little frame,
This is what I see:
I see an empty space
Where your beautiful face should be.

Each time I gaze upon this frame,
This is what I think:
I think of a little girl
who should have been dressed in pink.

Each time I stare at this empty frame,
This is what I remember:
I remember the loss I felt
That fateful day in early November.

Whenever I see this little frame,
This is what I feel:
I feel a pain within my heart,
A pain that is so real.

Each time I hold this solitary frame,
These are my fears:
I fear the loneliness ahead
In the many coming years.

Whenever I pick up this priceless frame,
What do I believe?
I believe in my heart that one day soon,
I will learn not to grieve.

Each time I touch this single frame,
This is what I realise:
That no matter how badly it hurts,
No one really cares about my lonely cries.

Finally, when I put down this picture frame,
This is what I know:
That no other person's photo will,
In this priceless frame, ever go.....

Reserved for Felina......

9th May 2000

Copyright 2003
By: Jenni Kalicharan

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