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  From Opposite Ends





From opposite ends of the world we come,
Both travelling on the Internet Highway.
Crossing each others path as we linger,
Both online, spending parts of our day.

From opposite ends of the day we chat,
Your morning, my evening, we laugh all the same.
Night here, afternoon there, still we chat.
Always having fun, it's like a game.

From opposite ends of a lifetime we come,
So close, yet so very far apart.
I feel so honored to have met you,
For I know you have such a good heart.

From opposite ends of a heart we smile,
Sharing our poetry and how our day was spent.
This friendship that I now share with you,
Could only have been Heaven Sent.


This is one of my personal favourites because
I wrote it for a special friend of mine.
This poem is published in The International Library Of Poetry's Anthology called "Devotions Of The Mind"

Copyright 2003
By: Jenni Kalicharan

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