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  As I Walk Down This Lonely Street





As I walk down this lonely street, gentle wind against my face,
My mind slips from reality, while sweet visions take its place.
I think about all the 'could have beens' that fate has now denied,
The things we might have shared in love and that is when I cried.

Your hair so soft like velvet, how it frames the perfect face,
Will gently toss when you walk by, sweet beauty to embrace.
But my fingers will not touch your face, so tenderly with care,
To gently brush across your cheek or run softly through your hair.

Your smile how it warms my heart and steals my breath away,
But your smile it does not shine for me, no matter how I pray.
And my mouth will never know the taste of parted rosebud lips,
That softly would have brushed on mine, sweet passion in their tips.

Your gentle eyes that steal my soul, will no longer look my way,
Though I long to see you even more with every passing day.
And the hands I long to hold in mine, to take and make my own,
Will never know the love I feel or the feelings that have grown.

Each moment that I think of you and the things that will not be,
Breaks my heart and leaves me torn, if only you could see.
But reality comes crashing in, I must face the bitter cost,
I loved an angel with all my heart, but in the end I lost.

Copyright 2003
By Doug Morton

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